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who we are

about our founders

This foundation was started by 4 siblings who wanted to make a difference in the lives of children that were less fortunate. We have been volunteering since we were young children. We have been providing school supplies to children in Nicaragua and Panama. During a trip to Nicaragua, we learned that it cost $50/year to send a child to school for an entire year. The Nicaraguan government tries to encourage families to send their children to school and as an incentive provided rice and beans every day to children who attend school. Most families can’t afford to send all their children to school so they send one at a time. This means that if you have 2 siblings, then you would likely attend school every 3 years. Of the world’s 650 million children of primary school age, 120 million do not reach grade 4 (UNICEF DATA). 

We learned that more than half of all people who live in poverty are children. It is unclear whether poverty creates a lack of access to education or if the lack of education causes poverty. What we do know is that poverty and poor health are strongly related. We also know that providing education is the single most important tool that can be given to kids to offer them a fighting chance to succeed. Since volunteering is a way for you to advocate for causes that you are passionate about, we decided to start this foundation to further increase awareness and offer volunteer opportunities in our own community. All donations will be used to provide children whose parents have difficulty providing the basic needs to their families with life changing benefits like basic medical care and educational support.


Executive Directors: 

President – Lucas Alcaraz

CEO/Director – Chris Alcaraz

CFO/Director – Susana Alcaraz

Secretary – Rebecca Alcaraz

VP – Gabriel Alcaraz

Treasurer – Nelson Alcaraz

VP Social Media/Advertising: 

Sara Malvey

Directors Fundraising/ Event Planning:

Dana Malvey

Karen Barnes

Manhasset Freeport Tutoring Program Coordinator: 

Dolores Lloves-Cid, Psychologist


Lisa Varela

our vision

Our vision is to create an ever-growing network of high school kids with the skills and knowledge necessary to teach kids within their own communities around the world while raising awareness about the importance of global education and development programs for underserved children.