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what we do

program goals

Teachers are an extremely important facet of every society. Teachers not only impart knowledge but also provide guidance and are important role models in society. A teacher is someone who inspires and encourages others to strive for greatness, gives shape to their future, and nurtures their talent and potential. Every student has the ability to become something special. It is the teachers of the world who recognize the ability of the students, recognizes their talents, and puts them on the right track. The goal of this program is to utilize and empower the brilliant minds in our own community to enlighten and inspire those students who may need additional support in school.

This foundation provides volunteer tutoring services to the community children by empowering high school kids to educate and connect with community kids. The generous donations generated by the tutoring services will be used towards creating a safe, healthy, and successful, learning environment for underserved children.

volunteer program

Volunteering teaches people of all ages about understanding and compassion. It increases our own self-confidence and produces a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. The more we give of ourselves, the happier we feel about ourselves. By volunteering, you demonstrate your commitment to the community and your willingness to work for the betterment of others. This program is designed to empower the bright minds of this community to serve as mentors, motivate and promote a life-long love of learning to children in the community who need additional educational support. 

To get started, please go to our Contact Us page and fill out form with your name, age, email, cell phone number, and please check subjects you would like to teach. We will provide you with the contact information of someone in your community who needs your help. The rest is up to you. The proceeds in donations from the services you provide will benefit even more children around the globe. For those requiring volunteer hours, we will email you a form for you to keep track of your hours.
Please consider purchasing a Deeds 4 Needs t-shirt when registering. We recommend that the t-shirt be worn during tutoring sessions. This will help us spread the word in the community.

tutoring services

Does your son or daughter need additional educational support in school? A knowledgeable and friendly community high school tutor could be just what your child needs for academic success. There is no cost for this program. However, we ask that instead of providing payment to the tutor, you consider making a donation to this non-profit organization. The recommended amount is $20/hour. The proceeds from these services will benefit even more children around the globe. 

To get started, please go to our Contact Us page and fill out form with your child’s name, age, email, cell phone number, and please provide us with the subject your child needs help with and any additional information you would like us to know in the comments section. We will match your child up with one of our volunteers and they will contact you.